Our Mission of the TOTT Seminar (tripping over the truth)


The Yu Foundation's main focuses include:

  • Nutrition and mitochondrial metabolism of chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Sex hormones beyond reproduction and its affects on long-term aging, health and diseases stemming from hormones.

  • Accumulated toxic chemicals and radiation exposure in the body and how to cleanse them and remove burdens on patients.

  • Cellular regeneration, stem cell research and restoration of healthy cellular metabolism.


Our board focuses on research and the forefront of basic and clinical sciences, but the importance of public awareness and empowerment is a strong priority.


We believe the tipping point of any acceptance “...of new information is a joint effort among professionals and layman public, facilitators and communicators worldwide.” (The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell).


The lag between the science and the application in real life takes up to 10 years because of things like political and economic interests fighting. We also believe that the knowledge must have practical applications to improve the lives of people.

Our focus is to select informational knowledge and give it back to the public to empower them to access the subject and do something about it.

Our seminars accumulated worthy subjects on the foundation focus points. We selected over 40 speakers from chefs, to scientists, to medical doctors to share their research and practices with you. We have at present over 100 hours of digital materials for the public use. We spent over $500,000.00 of our foundation money to make this possible at a reasonable price and convenience for your individual empowerment.

Metabolic Approach to Cancer Diagram

"More so, the mark of true achievement and truth is to change the life of the common man who will never know who you are"


- George Yu, M.D.


 All educational content for treatments and techniques can be accessed via a subscription to different sections or the entire selection of course content available on this site.

Chef's Corner

Lessons on the science of nutrition and its involvement in the management of various diseases and how nutrition can stave off effects of long-term treatments such as chemotherapy.


Cancer Metabolism

Studies and lessons on mitochondrial metabolism and nutritional implications in relation to the treatments of various diseases.


Alzheimer's: Disease and Metabolism

On the subject of chronic brain diseases and mitochondrial metabolism. Subjects include research on how metabolism of mitochondria can affect the onset of Alzheimer's Disease and other chronic brain diseases.


Toxic Chemical and Radiation

Lessons on the removal or management of toxic chemicals in the body stemming from exposure to hazardous elements and chemical weapons such as Agent Orange.

Other lessons include management of illnesses from Gulf War Syndrome, exposure to toxins from 9/11 survivors, and others.


Sex Hormones - Menopause & Andropause

The studies of sex hormones and how they affect diseases such as menopause and various cancers like breast and prostate cancers.


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“It is not enough to be remembered for one’s wealth, knowledge, and achievements. One does not make a difference unless it is the difference in people’s lives.”

- Joseph Schumpeter, Adolph Drucker The World According to Peter Drucker 1998


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All donations are welcome, no matter the size. Some of our goals are a true shift in the paradigm of the existing and established models. Therefore we must gather the most powerful force and that is you!


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